Express Yourself

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It is always good to express yourself. Expressing yourself is healthy for the mind and happy for the heart. When we express ourselves we are given the opportunity to put our feelings, thoughts, and some of our character being into words. Expressing yourself is a powerful tool.

We never seem to hesitate to express all the things we are proud of and want people to know. And we shouldn’t hesitate to express them! We deserve to flaunt what we are proud of. It feels good to express ourselves. When we do share with others what we are proud of, how we are feeling, or what our thoughts are, it gives us a sense of satisfaction.

We express ourselves in different ways. We express ourselves in the way we dress, by listening to music, having hobbies, writing, being creative, practicing religion, engaging in the activities we enjoy. What is important about expressing ourselves is doing it with confidence no matter what way you do it in.

The best way to be confident in expressing yourself is by always being yourself, having faith in yourself, not comparing yourself to others, choosing to love yourself for who you are, and not caring about what the person next to you thinks of you. I always make sure and express myself with confidence.

One way I express myself is by telling my individual story of who I am. Yes, I do it through extracurricular activities, writing in my journal, and listening to my music. But my favorite way to express myself is by sharing my story with others. I enjoy sharing who I am and the things that are important to me in my life, like: I’m a proud mother, I have a successful business, and I’m still married to my dream husband who I have been married to for the past 20 years. I love sharing my story with any and every one that I have the opportunity to share it with because my story is what I am proud of. When I share and express with others all the great things in my life, my heart and mind is always watered with happiness.

I wear my story around my neck in a locket that resembles all that I am. The locket has charms in it that represents something about me. The locket is my story. When I meet someone new, am out with my friends, or spending time with my family, I share the great things in my life (my story) by showing them my locket and what each piece means. My locket has been an amazing way to express myself.

I encourage you to start expressing yourself. Express yourself with confidence. Feed your heart and mind with the powerful tool of expressing yourself. You deserve it!

If you would like a locket to share your story with others, click on my SHOP link and start designing your very own custom locket that tells all about you. Once you have custom created your locket and made your purchase online, you will have it in no time and you will be able to start sharing who you are soon!

Happy Expressions,

  • Lisa Vining


A New Art & Craft Obsession

Are you obsessed with arts and crafts? Do you love jewelry? You have come to the right place. I’ve got your next new jewelry and art and craft obsession all photo 1 (1)lined up for you!

There is nothing but fun in putting together something that is one-of-a-kind custom made. Especially when it comes to jewelry! If you are into any type of art and craft or any kind of jewelry, this is the perfect place for you to find your next new obsession. I’ve got an art and craft with jewelry that you will not be able to resist. Once you make your first piece, you will be hooked and won’t be able to quit.

Origami Owl (O2) specializes in jewelry that you customize yourself in an art and craft kind of way. It’s the newest and most popular art and craft with jewelry going right now! Buyers are loving it! We have a selection of lockets that you put together the way you want for either a necklace or bracelet. Each piece of jewelry tells a story making it that much valuable. You can’t go wrong!

Thousands of women are selling this new art and craft, making tons off it, and enjoying every bit of it. The art of the product is that each piece tells a one-of-a-kind story. The craft of it is that each piece is a one-of-a-kind handpicked custom made piece. These new art and craft jewelry pieces are a hot new hit and everyone that comes in contact with them wants one.

How it works is each customer of yours choses the locket of their choice and then adds charms that best describes them or the story they want to tell. Then they decide if they want a necklace or bracelet. Once their piece to wear has been chosen, they add all the dangles to their liking to add to the fashionable look. Each piece is a beautiful custom made piece that is different than any other piece of jewelry there is.

I have all that you need to get started. Don’t miss out on your new art and craft! Everywhere you turn someone is going to want one. I have different packages you can choose from that best fits you and your needs right now. Once you purchase your package, I am here to help and assist you along the way. Once you are on your way to enjoying your new art and craft, I get to watch you grow into a new business!

Read my story here and click on my SHOP link to get started. I am one story out of thousands. Come join us! We can’t wait to share the fun with you. Once you click on my SHOP link you will click on the join the team tab and put in your info. You will need my mentor/designer number (it’s listed here to the right of the blog). Once you purchase your package I will be in touch to help you get started.

See you soon!

  • Lisa Vining


A St. Patrick’s Day Celebration

imagesWhen you think of St. Patrick’s Day, what do you think of… green and party time? Of course you do. St. Patrick’s Day is all about being festive and  celebrating. Amongst green and party time, St. Patrick’s Day is thought of for all the traditional gestures if offers: pinching and all the fun quotes. The quotes we are most familiar with are: “Kiss me I’m Irish”, “Top of the morning to ya”, “The fighting Irish”, and my favorite is, “May the luck of the Irish be with you”.

For this St. Patrick’s Day I must say to you…”May the luck of the Irish be with you!” You simply can’t go out and celebrate St. Patrick’s Day without being festive and wearing your green. And you for sure can’t break the tradition of spreading the luck or carrying it with you. Who doesn’t love four leaved clovers anyway?!

I love St. Patrick’s Day. It’s such a fun holiday to be enjoy and be festive. Besides, it’s an excuse to host a party and have something to celebrate. Boy would I love to go to Ireland one of these days for St. Patrick’s Day! I can’t imagine how they celebrate. Have you ever looked into their culture and discovered the type of people they are? They are for sure a unique breed of their own. I can imagine they host great parties.

My St. Patrick’s Day holidays are always green, social, and fun. I make sure my St. Patrick’s Day are full of good luck and festivities. I think most of us do. One of my favorite things to do for St. Patrick’s Day in being festive is change up my look and with all my green. I always like to find something new to wear and show off.

This year I have just the way for you to celebrate and be festive this St. Patrick’s Day. A way to host a St. Patrick’s Day party celebration and the perfect way to wear your green and carry around some luck.

There is nothing more fun than having a party where you can be festive and get lucky to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Hosting an O2 party is a great way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and get lucky by gaining rewards from hosting the party. Get all your green out, get all your girls together, enjoy your holiday, and get some rewards!

If you don’t want to host your own party but are looking for just the right piece to wear this year, a lucky locket is the perfect piece to be festive. Custom make your locket the way you want, wear your lucky charm, enjoy your St. Patrick’s Day holiday, and be one-of-a-kind with your one-of-a-kind festive piece.

To get your locket or host your party click on my SHOP link and start creating your locket or be on your way to hosting your St. Patrick’s Day celebration. To make a purchase, click SHOP and get started. To host a party, click SHOP and then click the HOST A PARTY tab and sign up. Whether it’s party time for you or getting your fun festive piece for this year, I will be in touch with you soon!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day & May the luck of the Irish be with you!   

  • Lisa Vining

SPRING-ing into New Merchandise

Fall-Collection_1Spring is around the corner and so is new merchandise! It’s always exciting to find new merchandise. This spring Origami Owl (O2) is coming out with their new spring line and it’s waiting on you! You can shop new pieces for your already custom made locket or you can create your very own story that comes in a locket and tells all about who you are.

If you are like me, I love the spring. The spring season is such a great season. It’s a season to climb us out of the winter and spring us into the summer. In the spring, the flowers grow, the grass and leaves turn green, the temperature is just right, and it gets me ready for all the summer fun ahead.

Not only is this spring round the corner and all the great things everyone enjoys is soon ahead but so is Origami Owl’s new spring line. Origami Owl’s new spring ling is a lot like the spring time season; everyone loves Origami Owl (O2) and always looks forward to the new up and coming perks they have.

The new spring line is going to give you a new piece to your story to show what has grown in your life, give you something new to add to your locket (or provide even more merchandise to choose from for your new locket), provide something new to represent the new of turn of leaves in your life, and will help get you ready for your new summer wardrobe accessories.

I‘m looking forward to you having fun this spring with the new line and you enjoying it as much as I’m going to. If you already have a custom locket, there are going to be all kinds of new exciting pieces for you to choose from. If you don’t have your locket yet, what a great time for you to put together your very own custom hand-made locket that you will cherish forever.

For those of you who do not have a locket already, each locket is hand-picked and custom made by you. Every locket tells a story, your story. It’s your turn to tell your story with your perfect piece of jewelry, your very own locket that is all about you. For those of you who have a locket, you know what to do and your merchandise will be on their way to you soon!

To create your locket click on my SHOP link and start putting together your custom locket today. You can shop as much or as little as you want. You can always revisit to get more stuff later and you can always get more than enough to change up your locket for each occasion, mood, attire, or just because. As you go into my SHOP link you can follow the prompts to help you get started. If you have any questions, just email me here and I will get back to you. Enjoy your spring and happy shopping!

I can’t wait to celebrate this spring with you and hear all about your story!

  • Lisa Vining

Making a Fashion Statement

imagesAre you looking for a new fashion trend? Or the perfect accessory to add to your wardrobe? Wouldn’t it be great to have a fashionable accessory that made a statement with every outfit! Sometimes its the accessories that make the whole outfit and sometimes its the accent of an accessory that adds to your fashion trend. Either way, a living locket that tells your story is the perfect fashion trend for you!

Whether dressed up or dressed down you can change up and customize your own accessory to match every outfit. No matter what mood you are in, you’re fashion statement can be made. There is always room to add a little more fun to your fashionista.

Women dress with their moods. I know I am guilty of it. My philosophy is, how great to add favor to your mood. Getting dressed or changing outfits 100 times a day add’s zen to our daily moods. I love the fact I can put on whatever caters to my mood and feel better once I do. Sometimes the best part of my day is coming home and throwing on those comfortable clothes or getting dressed to go out and knowing I look good. No matter what, I still want to feel good and look cute while I do it.

We all know that no matter how hard we try when dressing, sometimes we don’t always get the outcome we are trying so hard for. Yes, I am talking about the long minutes of rumbling through the closet to pick out the perfect outfit while trying on everything we own and even sometimes our girl friends pieces too. Or spending days shopping from store to store finding all the right pieces to put together the perfect outfit. Then after putting together the perfect outfit we spend all that time (which is always never enough) primping in the mirror to make what we do have look the best its capable of. Well….I know what you are thinking, ME TOO! It still doesn’t always turn out the way we want it to. Even when I want to be a bum, I can’t always promise pretty.

Then I discovered the perfect piece for my fashion moods whether pretty or not. My locket fixes the bumming and the totally hot to being fabulously spectacular. Whether I’m on the couch or out looking my finest, I am still cute! If my long hours of putting it all together doesn’t turn out perfect, I have my back up. Or if my couch bumming pretty just didn’t work out, I still have my back up. So, no matter what, I am still rocking my fashion statement!

The best part of my locket fashion accessory, is I can change it up to say whatever I want it to. Whatever the outfit is, I customize my locket to match. The cool things is, each time I change it up, it has a new look and tells a new story. Sometimes it makes my outfit and sometimes it just adds to it! Either way, I have the luxury of making my statement, being cute, and everybody notices/loves it.

If you’re ready for your very own finest touch to your fashionable wardrobe, I’ve got it for you! Shop no more from store to store looking for the perfect piece. Just click on my shop link and get started. It will be delivered to your door and you will be rocking your new look in no time. I look forward to hearing back from you. Let me know how it goes and don’t forget to share where you found your new look everybody is asking you about!

– Lisa Vining

Party with a Jewelry Bar

526957_609295345780462_1087399768_nIs it time to host a party for the girls? Look no further! Have and host the party that will always be remembered and talked about. Having a jewelry  bar is a great way to accomplish that mission. Not only is having a jewelry bar party the time of your life but the fun girl time can be re-lived over and over again. Get all your girls together, party, earn some free jewelry, and make some memories that will make you and all your girlfriends want to do it again.

A girls best friend is jewelry so why not party with a jewelry bar. And why not give your girls what they love best. Get your girl time in partying the way a bunch of girls should while hosting one of the better parties you have ever had and accommodate each of your girl friends while doing it. With a jewelry bar, your girls can create their own next valuable piece of jewelry. As they make their selections creating their own custom jewelry piece, you will earn free jewelry of your own to customize and create.

A bar is set up in your home, serve some party snacks, and let the fun begin. You and your girls will have a great time making memories, your guests will go home happy, and it’s guaranteed one of you or your girls will be re-living the fun again with another jewelry bar. Don’t wait for the fun to begin. Contact me and I will be at your service to get the party started!

Fun Football Festivities

1234544_606716822704981_1877975387_nIts football season again ladies and we girls know how well our men are going to be occupied!  For some of us we dive right in with them and enjoy every bit of the action. For some, we rarely see our men, and for others our men are around but glued to the television. No matter which way you take in your football season I’ve got the perfect festivity to add some fun to the season.

Our men love it when we women show our support for football; especially towards his favored team. We get kudos when we don’t infer with his football and especially when we engage in the spirit! You can’t ever go wrong with gaining kudos from your man! Take the opportunity this football season to take advantage of gaining kudos!

Whether you have your own favorite team or love your man enough to support his, be festive, gain kudos, and add some fun to this football season. Everyone has a team and a story to tell about their team. And everyone wears, shares, and supports their team every football season. So this year, do it with some fun and with something new that you will use year after year! With a customized living locket you will show that supportive spirit with an awesome new festive piece that both of you will love. Customizing a locket will tell all about that favorite team showing, sharing, and wearing the spirit adding a little fun to the season!

You can make a locket for the team you are rooting for with all the different charms to tell about the team, or you can make him the coolest key chain and most treasured “love offering” he will ever have. Either way it’s a win/win; you’re showing the spirit, gaining some kudos, and adding some fun to both of your football season!

Or you can gather all your girlfriends and have a fun football festival for the ladies with a jewelry bar. What a great time for some girl time and to kick off the season! The girls can get together, talk about their men, and do a little football partying too. Have your girls over and make this football season a new season of good girl time!

Click my SHOP link and learn how to put together your locket today. If you want to have a party for the girls, once clicking my SHOP link, you will click on the BE A HOSTESS tab at the top of the page and scroll down to APPLY NOW. I will be in touch with you soon for the planning of a fun festive football party!


Holiday Shopping

319012_473343509382913_675811648_nThe holiday season is here again! It is time to “Tis the season” with lots of shopping and gift wrapping to do. As much fun and exciting as the Christmas holiday is, there too is lots of work that comes along with it. I don’t know about you but for me the shopping is the most fun and sometimes the worst part about it. This holiday season I have just the jolly shopping for you without all the “Ba humbug” that comes with it!

Every year I look forward to all the perks of the Christmas holiday. My favorite part of gift giving is being able to give that special gift that is perfect for that special person without fighting to find it. We all know that some gift buying comes from the heart while other gifts are “obligated” necessaries. We also know that by the end of our lists, our bank accounts show for it.

There is nothing worse when you have to try to figure out the best gift for that special someone or that necessary person to buy for and you can’t seem to find it, time is running out, and by the time you finally decide or settle on something, you spent money that you just don’t feel was of worth. Then, in the long run the gift wasn’t really liked and wanted or used, to only end up as a “re-wrapped” gift passed along to someone else. What a waste of time and funds to interrupt our time of jolly. We have all been there!

This holiday season not only do I have the perfect gift for EVERYONE that will be absolutely loved (probably one of their best and favorite gifts of all) but you also don’t have to run around from store to store day after day running out of time with the pressure to grab something you don’t feel good about in the first place. You can order online, have it delivered, turn out to be the best gift given, and it even comes in a great gift box! WOW WHAT PERFECT HOLIDAY SHOPPING.

Create the perfect gift for everyone with a locket that is personalized for that individual! Whether it’s your pet’s new accessory, a custom key chain for him, or the sweetest piece of jewelry for her to show how special she is, a locket that tells their story is the best holiday gift you can give. A customized locket in any form impresses the importance of the person you are giving it to, telling them how much they matter.

You no longer have to worry about hunting for that perfect gift, spending time to do it, wondering if he or she is going to like it, or feeling like you aren’t getting your money’s worth anymore. Start your holiday shopping today, tis’ing the season to be jolly, and getting rid of the ba humbug moments!

Click my SHOP link to get started and to learn how to put together that perfect affordable and cherished gift for this holiday season, FOR EVERYBODY.

Happy Holiday’s and Merry Christmas

–         Lisa Vining

Save 10% off Your Next Purchase!

th5VMTBP3BSave 10% off your purchase! Anytime is the right time to save. Today is your day to save 10% off your entire purchase. Shopping is always a girl’s agenda. Sometimes you know just what you are looking for and sometimes you just know you are looking for something new. Well, either way your living locket is just the next item perfect for you! Whether you are shopping for yourself or someone else, you can’t go wrong with a personalized custom made locket.

Each living locket tells a story. As you may love to share what’s important to you with others, you now can tell your own story with a locket to wear and share. Or you can gift someone with a one of a kind gift that images them to show off to others. Every girl and women loves their accessories, now you or the person you are gifting can have a piece that expresses each of you individually.

How they work:

  • Pick the locket of your choice
  • Fill it with all the charms that tell about you or the person you are gifting
  • Add all the accessories that perfect individual details to your liking
  • Save 10% on your purchase
  • Package it up as a gift, OR, start wearing and sharing your story

Create one of your most cherished pieces of jewelry today or give the gift of a lifetime, all at a discount with 10% off your entire purchase. It’s easy, fun, makes the perfect accessory or gift, and will be one of the pieces you or your gifted individual will keep forever because of the personal importance it represents.

To save 10% on your purchase: click my SHOP link, pick out the items you can’t live without, and contact me directly via email mentioning this blog add (NOT purchase online) and I will get your purchase together personally, saving you money to spend somewhere else!

–         Lisa Vining

Shower a Mom to Be

OrigamiOwl-jewelry-girl-and-boyThere is nothing sweeter than celebrating new life. Celebrating a mom-to-be is one of the most special times for that mom-to-be. As a friend or loved one to a mom-to-be, you want to acknowledge, support, and congratulate them on the new and exciting time of their life. As it is one of the most special times for the mom-to-be, you want to gift them with one of the most special gifts. Not only do you want to show your support but you too want to shower them with celebration recognizing the new exciting special time. A perfect way to shower your special mom-to-be is with a living locket that tells their new exciting story!

What a great way to celebrate and gift that mom-to-be with the most special gift at the most special time! Create your loved one with one of the most unique and personalized gift you can give them and they could ever have; a gift they will cherish and treasure forever. A living locket will shower any mom-to-be with a gift that reflects the most special time they are celebrating. A locket that tells their story adds the perfect touch to their special time. No mom-to-be would want anything else more!

Put your mom to be story that tells all about their new exciting time in a locket for them to share and treasure forever. Chose the locket that is perfect for her, pick out all the charms that resemble her new celebration to go inside, and customize it with all the special touches that will tell her story of this amazing time in her life. Out of all the things your mom-to-be is gifted with, this will be her favorite and most meaningful!

Click on my SHOP link to create and customize your mom-to-be locket and tell her congratulations!

–          Lisa Vining